Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ditched by Robin Mellom

Justina and Ian have been best friends ever since he caught his girlfriend kissing another guy and Justina stopped kissing any and all of boys. However Justina has slowly fallen in love with Ian and chooses prom night to get back to kissing and letting Ian know her feelings for him. From the blue dress, dyed shoes, contant spilling and staining of her dress, driving drunk kids around, jealousy and so much more, the evening unravels and Justina is ditched on prom night. Telling her story the next morning in a 7-eleven to two ladies, we laugh and cry and figure out what really happened even before Justina puts the puzzle pieces together.

Ditched is a funny story. It will appeal to girls who enjoy contempory, romance, humorous and chick lit. As a fast moving book reluctant readers will appreciate the quick pace although the chapters do alternate in length. The chapter headings are cute and the few pictures add pizazz.  The dialogue about kissing and how boys kiss is precious and those experienced will get a kick out of it as will those who have never been kissed!  Justina's only vice is kissing boys (of which she has abstained from for a while) but there is underage drinking, smoking, and sex going on around her.   Robin Mellom incorporates responsibility in with partying and as a designated driver on prom night Justina does show her intelligence and maturity.  After reading this book which I recommend to high school girls most will dream about having a boy like Ian as a boyfriend.

Read as an ebook arc courtesy of Disney Hyperion via Netgalley. Ditched will be published early January 2012.

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